3 reasons how Product Photography will boost your sales

CrazyHippos Photography

CrazyHippos Photography

You are randomly turning pages of a magazine and suddenly you stop–You see an incredibly appetizing photograph of a sizzling brownie holding a beautiful scoop of ice-cream and you just can’t stop your mouth from watering. What is it? Is it just your eyes kicking your hunger?
Well, huger may be a reason behind it but it is the photograph that is magically instigating that hungry monster inside you.
Your product MUST look appetizing to people.
Product Photography is a HUGE aspect that you just can’t afford to miss if you are dwelling into eCommerce or be it any platform.
People remember only 20% of what they read and 80% of what they see! So if you have not positioned your product in front of your customers in the best light with the best click, then you are missing out on some serious sales opportunities.

Your Product is the Hero
In the world of eCommerce, where people have only the opportunity to ‘see your product’, product photography acts as your best tool to drive sales. It is literally the fastest and the most effective means to promote your product in front of your potential consumer.
Professional product photography will help your product shine in front of the shopper. Perfect images of your product along with informative and optimised product copy will help your shopper instantly decide if they have found the right product. People are in a hurry, no doubt, and your clear and consistent product images will save their time and help in quick purchasing decision.
Also, if your product images are better than your competitors’ images then it will surely impact your shoppers decision making process. In this cut-throat market, who doesn’t wants to be the best from the rest?

Alternative Views and Zooming
When you get a photographer, they will not click just one image. They will bring the best out of your product by clicking every side in every angle. It is like recreating the experience of a customer walking in to a shop and purchasing while being able to see and touch the product.
Well of course, they will not be touching your product in literal terms but the ability to view the product in every angle will satisfy the customer enough to fasten their purchasing decision. Providing different views, close-ups, or different colours with proper editing will highlight your brand and product in front of potential customers and also their buying decisions will be favoured towards you.
Also, when you go for product photography, the end photographs are if high quality and there will be no issue when visitors would want to view them full size or zoom in. This give you the opportunity to even show-off the finer details of your product.

Remove Background and Optimize the Photographs


The top rule of product photography is that the background of the image should never distract the viewer from the product. Which is why the background is removed and then you can do anything to the image.
You can take the same product image and have your designers create an colourful creative with good copy. You can later use it anywhere for advertising or marketing purposes. One product photograph can be later used for catalogues, brochures, flyers, web promotions and so many other places with proper designing and editing. Thus, product photography gives you solution to many image problems at once.


Awesome product photographs will help you make a great first impression to your potential customer. You are clearing your way for your customer to make a quick purchase decision. A good photograph with optimized copy can do wonders for your brand.

Looking for best product photography?
Solution is not so far! We, at Crazy Hippos, have taken care of photography needs for small to big clients. We have been doing some serious clicking back in our studio for some of our serious clients, helping them achieve their serious business goals. We have professional photographers, finest camera kits and updated adobe editing tools that guarantees the best output.

Reach us and let’s click something nice together.

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