How to Run an Awesome Twitter Q & A

Twitter has always proven to be a popular platform to get your message out there in a concise 180 characters or less. While your followers will always value seeing your tweet amongst their timeline, the interaction between the brand and the follower is nothing more visceral than words on a screen.

As brands learn to trust social media, one engagement (and research) idea is becoming more and more popular – the Q&A. ​It’s as simple as it sounds. You tell your followers that for a specified amount of time, they can ask any questions they like to you on Twitter. As we all know though, nothing is that simple; there are always questions that need answering so that fears can be dismissed. Having managed a few of these here at Crazy Hippos we thought we’d try and give you some valuable answers.

How to run an awesome Twitter Q and A



The first thing you need to define is what the Q&A is going to be about. It can be a generic ​“Ask our CEO anything!” session or if you have a point to make about a specific service or product you could run an ​“Ask our Product Manager about all the new features on X & Y”, kinda thing. Whatever your theme is, it’s important to make it clear to your followers from the moment you start promoting the Q&A session.

Choosing Who Will Answer Questions

This may seem like an obvious one but there a few factors to consider.You need to choose someone who people are actually interested to ask questions to. If you are fortunate to be working for a business with a famous owner or founder, they would be the first port of call. If not, you want to choose someone who is best equipped to answer the questions that will be fired over. Regardless of who it is, we recommend marketing them as something really special within the company.

For example if it’s the Head Chef of the restaurant you could market them as being ‘The Mastermind Behind The Menu!’


The basic functionality of running a Twitter Q&A is straightforward, once you know how!!

Ask people to tweet their questions using a specified hashtag

The hashtag can be anything you like. Remember to keep it quite short so they have plenty of room to put their questions. People don’t have to tweet using your handle, they only need to include the hashtag.

Retweet their tweet before replying to their question

Doing this means that people watching the Q&A on your timeline as it happens, can see each question posed before your answer is posted without having to click into your answer.

Reply using the Q&A hashtag in your answer

There are a couple of reasons why we recommend using the hashtag in your responses. The first is that if you want to transcribe or collate all the tweets from the Q&A, you can do so easily. The second is purely usability. When people look at your Twitter feed it make it uber clear which tweets are part of the Q&A and which aren’t.

Gather your tweets and show them off!

With luck you’ve run a successful Q&A session. Share them with your team, stakeholders or fans.

Bottom line

Twitter Q&A is a fantastic way to engage your audience. It’s also a great opportunity for you to listen to your followers and for them to feel like you are listening, unlike a survey or feedback email. It’s your chance to promote your company in an interactive way and show people you are willing to take time out of your day to talk directly to your followers.

If you have any other questions about running a Twitter Q&A fire them over to us in the comments below. If there’s enough we, Crazy Hippos will hold our own Q&A!

Not sure how to go about using Twitter?

No Problem! We, Crazy Hippos, are experts when it comes to Digital Marketing. All you have to do is to reach us and we will devise a plan that works best for your brand.

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