10 Security Tips to protect your CMS Website from HACKERS


You may think your website does not have anything important enough to lure in hackers but you must know this —  websites are compromised all the time. Today it has become extremely simple to put up a website. Platforms like WordPress allows the user to set up website in minutes. As easy as it has become to make a website — it has become equally easy to hack a website.  

You spend your hard-earned money on purchasing a domain, skills to design your user-friendly website, and your energy to make sure that webiste stays on the top on Google search result. Due to certain mistakes, you can lose everything in jiffy.

How can you safeguard your website from Hacker Ghost?


In this blog, we have shared with you the top 10 steps that all webmasters and website owners must take in order to keep their website secure.

There are certain steps that will maintain your website’s position and keep the hackers at bay at the same time.

Following are some valuable tips that’ll help you big time —

  1. First need to check if there are any vulnerabilities present in your website by using site: ‘website’ method.
  2. You must update your password once in a week at least. Or you could use the Encrypted format which is considered a much better way. For ex: 12345 means e10adc3949ba59abbe56e057f20f883e
  3. All URL links should be checked manually by the admin.
  4. Admin page should not be shared in “ROBOTS.TXT”. This is probably one of the biggest mistakes webmasters unknowingly commit and lay down and easy path for hackers to hack.
  5. Do not name your web pages as ‘Admin’ page. When you use such easy words it becomes obvious for hackers to find your admin page.For ex:  Avoid creating pages like —  www.yourwebsite.com/admin/
  6. Don’t keep general passwords like admin@123 or 123456, website name etc.
  7. Create a strong password by using a mixture of special characters, numbers and alphabets.
  8. Always update your extensions for your website and upgrade your admin page if necessary.
  9. Don’t index your admin page in Google search engine.
  10. Finally, use your cPanel access or registered domain login page as an admin page. This will make it very difficult for basic hackers to hack the server.

We hope these tips would be helpful to safeguard your website and also improve your site position in Search Engine.
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