5 easy ways to reduce bounce rate on your blog

Regardless of whether you are a small business, or a multinational company, blogging is necessary and indispensable for your online content marketing strategy. If a blog is well managed and regularly updated, it helps to improve the websites SEO. Writing a blog and getting traffic is just not enough. The content, design, page loading speed any many other aspects should be of top notch so that a visitor stays on a page much longer. Let’s say 200 people visited a blog of yours. 120 people leave your website after viewing the particular blog page. They could have left the page for various reasons- lengthy content, moved to another site, or any reason.

Hence, the bounce rate for this page will be:

BR : 120/200 = 0.6 or 60% of Bounce Rate

Here are a few tips on how to keep your visitors eyes glued to your digital page.

Bounce Rate

Study your Analytics

To begin with, find out every details of your existing website pages and blogs. Make a report on the type of audience who gets attracted to your blog, the keywords to be used, the content and layout of your landing pages. After making a thorough analysis, come up with solutions.

Optimize Page Load Time

It is not necessary, that a bounce rate is high because of the content in the page. There is a main issue which arises even before the user gets a chance to read through it. If a web page, takes forever to load, the user will simply move over to another site or another answer to his question. Slow loading pages, is one leading cause in most of the ecommerce websites. Make sure your visitors are able to view the content in a reasonable amount of time say.. 3 seconds.

Fix your broken links

When a visitor clicks on a link on your site and it fails to take him to the intended page, it not only frustrates him but also affect your SEO, page rankings, website conversions. Hence it is important to identify and fix broken links else it will drive your bounce rate up.

Improve your content

Last but not the least, Copywriting. Honestly, people neither have the time nor the patience which is why it is important to write concisely in short sentences. Update your outdated content. If need be it, translate your site for the international traffic. Incase you receive a lot of traffic from Germany, Japan, China translate the site into a few different languages. Split up all your longer posts into chapters. You can reduce your bounce rate by improving your content.

Have a clear call to action

The CTA button is the most important part of your site. The CTA should be appealing enough to spur users to take the necessary step – download a PDF, fill out a form, or even just click through another page. Generic, poorly placed, and boring CTA buttons will not help to gain your users attention. Be clear and precise about what you are offering and what action you want the visitors to take through the CTA.

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