Colour Psychology and Branding

Colors are everywhere and each colour gives us an emotional experience. Hence colours play a large impact in influencing what we purchase. Colour Psychology is an area of research that looks at how colours influence our behaviour and decision-making.There are several studies on colour psychology and the different responses that occur in the brain subconsciously.



Yellow is widely recognised as the happiest colour. It represents sunshine, fun, youthfulness, optimism and warmth. McDonalds trademark yellow arches, creates an atmosphere of positivity about the brand. Yellow looks powerful when used alongside with a darker colour. Like in McDonalds, the colour combination of red and yellow for their logo and mascot, stimulates excitement, energy and a high level of visual appeal especially for children.

Yellow Color Logo Examples


Blue is considered as a symbol of trust and has a very calming effect on the mind. Mostly food outlets avoid the colour blue, because there are no natural blue foods in nature and hence it suppresses the appetite. Blue represents trust, loyalty, dependability, serenity and security. Social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter use the colour blue because, human eye finds it difficult to fall asleep when looking at blue colour, meaning browsing late into the night for many hours.

Blue Color Logo Examples


Green signifies calmness, nature, freshness, growth and prosperity. A relaxing colour that’s easy on the eyes! Before a stage performance, the performers are asked to wait in “green rooms” to relax. Many food brands have started using green within their branding because it is synonymous with health. Example: McDonalds, switched to dark green colour across their store fronts and decor.

Green Color Logo Examples

Black, White and Grey

Monotone colours signify maturity, calmness and balance. Monotone colours especially work well for expensive products and goes well for fashion and electronics industry. They are powerful colour which are synonymous with luxury, strength, stability, power and authority. Chanel came up with their logo in black, since it represents the pinnacle of style and elegance, At one point or another, everyone of us want to have a black dress or tuxedo in our wardrobe. If your company wants to portray themselves to be a style icon, why not give the black logo a try?

Black Color Logo Examples


Red is a colour that increases your heart rate, makes you breathe more rapidly and activates the pituitary gland. Arguably the most stirring of colours, it speeds up and intensifies our reactions. Red tends to increase the appetite which is the main reason why fast food and restaurants embrace the colour. The colour gets the pulse racing which is why it is also synonymous with cars as it represents power, passion, energy and fearlessness. Think of Coca-Cola, their vibrant red and white branding is easily recognisable from miles away. By adjusting the saturation and typography, red logos can appear vintage, modern and even futuristic.

Red Color Logo Examples


Orange is the new black. The mixture of yellow and red- and also synonymous with the sweet and sour fruit of the same name. Orange is a symbol of creativity, joy, passion, happiness and confidence. The orange used in Fanta’s logo is meant to signify warmth and excitement, the very point fanta is trying to get across to their customers.

Orange Color Logo Examples


The perfect blend of the fiery attributes of red and the oceanic qualities of blue. It signifies, wisdom, imaginative, sophistication, wealth, elegance and glam. It is frequently used to promote beauty and anti-aging products because of it’s hint of femininity . Brands often use this colour to position themselves as prestigious, loyal and superior.

Purple Color Logo Examples

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