How to create an effective tagline

There are various products, brands which are flooded in the market which is further intensifying and increasing the competition. In a situation like this, it is important that customers are aware of your brand. As much as digital marketing and offline marketing is important to sell your brand, you should primarily focus on the elements of your brand identity such as brand name, logo and tagline.

Create an Effective Tagline

A brand name, logo and tagline work hand in hand and creates an identifiable persona about your company and conveys the benefits to your customers. Many companies do not give much importance to their tagline as it actually needs.

A pitch-perfect tagline is a short description of what your company, product, service offers. A tagline when written properly and marketed effectively, will stay in the mind of customers for years.

Benefits of a Tagline

  • ● It communicates the brands Unique Value Proposition
  • ● Helps in improving the future business of the company
  • ● Positions the brand in a clear way
  • ● Gives an aesthetic and creative touch to the brand
  • ● Enhances the brand Perception

Two simple steps in developing a truly compelling tagline

  • ● Write down a list of words which describes your services, products or brand the best
  • ● Reorganise the words into very short sentences. Read out the sentences aloud and shortlist the ones you like. Get opinions from colleagues and friends if you are not sure. Remember, a tagline should not contain more than 3-4 words. The tagline will create a greater impact if the second and fourth-word rhymes perfectly
  • Here a few tips to keep in mind while writing a tagline for your business.

    Keep it short, simple and ORIGINAL

    An ideal tagline, should not be longer that 4-5 words. Only if it is kept clever, witty, short and simple will it be able to seek the attention from the consumers. The shorter it is, the more memorable it will be. Do not mimic another brand’s slogan or tagline because this will eventually lead to confusion. Draw inspiration but be creative and do not plagiarize.

    Don’t confuse mission statement with a tagline

    A common mistake which many companies do, is confusing their goals, mission, vision statements with their tagline. Write the tagline from an external perspective. A tagline is addressed to outsiders, while the mission & vision statements are for the insiders (employees) primarily. Remember who your audience is, and come up with taglines accordingly.

    Highlight your USP

    Figure out your Unique Selling point. Study and research about your competitors and find out why you are better than them. It may be in terms of advanced technology, better pricing, faster delivery or anything.

    Keep it honest and consistent

    As much as it is important for the tagline to be short and memorable, it is necessary that the tagline should convey one idea. ONE CLEAR IDEA. It should convey the same message which the brand name and logo communicates. If your business is offering a variety of categories of products, make sure the tagline do not focus on a particular product or category alone. Keep it honest and timeless. Do not use false generic phases and choose your words carefully.

    Avoid these words

    Quality, No.1, Excellence, Service, Commitment. These are a few words which you should definitely be ruling out while crafting your tagline. These are cliched words and will not help in building the trust factor and prevent your brand from getting traction. Use nouns and verbs and skip using too many adjectives.

    Having trouble writing a killer tagline for your brand?

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