How strong is your SALE strategy this festive season?

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India is the country of various cultures and each culture has its set of festivals that are celebrated nationwide. The special festive season begins from August or September with the homecoming of Lord Ganesha and extends up to Navratri, Diwali and then Eid, and goes all the way up to December end till the new year. These months almost every brand comes up with a new marketing tactic to lure in the customers.

India, where the people and their festivals are connected with emotions, marketers try to find that one striking emotional element and connect it with their end users. Discount strategies are one of the oldest methods of attracting customers, but today if everyone is doing the same, how will you differentiate your product and make those very customers choose you over the others?


Festive Season Key Strategies that you MUST use

Here we have discussed some of the key trends that you can utilize if you are looking to drive sales this festive season. Pull up the socks and get ready for a complete customer attracting season.


Early bird wins the bread

A little-twisted proverb yet meaningful. If you want your marketing strategy to work then don’t get up a day before the festival and announce a 50% OFF. Planning is what you need. Even your customers plan where to purchase and what to purchase. You must create a buzz before they even start planning. Use social media to the fullest. Create a buzz beforehand on social media and find the right words. One day sales or flash sales do not have a longer life, you keep a countdown.


Tell the people you are here with offers and tell them you will run out soon, not because the festival will arrive but because your product is amazing and will be sold out. Amazon, Snapdeal, and even Big Bazar do a brilliant campaign when it comes to big festive sales.
Rope them in emotionally

Nokia’s latest ad of “Gift your loved ones ‘yourself’ is one of the classic ads you will see today. Also, Amazon’s “#MomBeAGirlAgain” strikes the emotional chord with their customers and also focuses on the essence of gifting itself.

Such advertising creates brand loyalty and also increases brand recognition. This plays a vital role in becoming the customer’s first choice rather than being just one of them. Based on your product, plan out a creative or an ad. Sit with your ad agency and discuss how you can connect your product emotionally with the customers.


The more brand loyalists the merrier

Don’t just call them to enjoy your discount, make them bring their friends. The best way to work on this tactic is to use social media. Engage them in different interactive campaigns, make them tag their friends or family and promise them some sort of gift. This is also the best way to not just retain your existing customers but also to gain new customers. You can reach a larger target audience. Daily deals, flash sales, flash banner ads help in stirring curiosity in the minds of the consumers making them come back to you periodically thereby helping in better conversions during the festive season.


Look Appealingly Good

Showcase your story. Tell them why you are where you are now. This goes best for apparels and fashion jewelers. People love to hear from people. Showcasing the best of your festive season work is going to attract a lot of eyes towards yourself. Why don’t you include your top trending products and make sure your target audience does not miss out on your communication in the existing crowd of discounts.


Have a time limit

The best way to ensure traffics is to tell people it is going to end soon. Put a start and end date to it and make spread this communication everywhere on time. This creates a sense of urgency in taking the buying decision and they would at least once visit your website or store to check out products. In case of online marketing, you can do remarketing and lure them back in no time.


Surprise your customers

In the end of the day, your customer just wants to feel special. You need to make an effort and make sure that they feel special on their special occasion. Email marketing works the best for this. GoIbibo is one of the best examples for this. If you have registered on their website and did a hotel search on any day, they will send you revised rates of the hotel you checked out along with a personalized message.

From small surprise discounts to gift-cards, free coupons or enabling free shipping, every step from your side will be appreciated.


Bring the element of fun and surprise in the festive campaign this month and see how the sales turn out. Your customer must feel stress-free while shopping with you. Based on your product/service, try out different things this festive season. Don’t make it just another money making month, make it special for the customer also and they will come back next season also.


We, at Crazy Hippos, provide the best of strategies both offline and online for all products/services in all domains. If you are looking for something dynamic and awesome this season to do, contact us. We love talking about result driven campaigns and creativity is our niche. Reach us and let’s together plan an amazing festive season celebration.

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