The Power of Whitespace


Every designer loves the look of it and every client wants it to be filled. Any guesses what? Whitespaces. Just like how there are many overlooked brilliant actors and artists in the film industry, the white spaces are the most underutilized element when it comes to a web layout.

Imagine being given a page full of content without spacings and margin gaps? It would be difficult to read through the passages. The same applies with the web design too. It is very important to have spaces between elements in a composition otherwise the overall layout will look clumpsy and not appealing to read through.

Whitespace is the fundamental building block of a good design and when used correctly it can provide various advantages to your website. Read through, to know why whitespace is of great importance.

The Power of Whitespace

Increased content legibility

In order to provide a better user experience, white spaces between paragraphs and images is necessary so that people know what they are reading. It is important for your customers to stay on the page and continue reading.

Increases Interaction

In this ever fast moving world, we are always in a hurry. The truth is, people just don’t have time to browse through your site patiently. We are a bunch of impatient millennials. A good amount of whitespace will help to prevent distractions and in turn increases the interaction. A slight padding or special effect around important objects or content will immediately help to draw attention to it.

Highlight the CTAs

Call to actions are the most important elements of a site. It is important to make it bigger and attractive since it should stand out from the rest of the content in the page. It is very important to have white spaces around the CTA as it makes it more effective and eye catchy.

Neat and tidy site

First impression is the best impression. In fact it creates an everlasting impression. Too much of content and elements will make the page look untidy and messy. Using white spaces will make the site neat, tidy and helps in better navigation. It will add a touch of elegance and superiority to your website.

Creating Balance

It is important to balance things both in life and in your website. Too much of whitespace will lead to people thinking the site contains nothing valuable. Whereas too little whitespace will lead to people thinking it is disorganised and unreliable. Hence use white space wisely to separate contents and improve user experience. This will pave a way to a clearer communication of ideas.

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