Top 3 reasons why Pinterest is good for your brand

When people talk about Digital Marketing, they usually don’t go beyond Facebook, Twitter or Search Ads, or maximum–Instagram. Many brands even worry about opting for Pinterest as the ‘believe’ that it won’t do any benefit.


That’s clearly not true!


Some of the major misconceptions brands have about Pinterest are

  • People only pin food, wedding and travel pictures
  • Only writers and poets use it
  • My target audience won’t be available on Pinterest
  • There will be no ROI


Let’s pop this bubble right away!

Today, Pinterest has become the third most popular social media platform after Facebook and Twitter. Moreover, Pinterest receives an average of 1.36 million visitors each day, out of which 68% are female. Even though Pinterest is in growing state in India, if you have a brand whose product has a lot of images then think no more–jump and join Pinterest.


Here we have discussed few of the many reasons on how Pinterest can be a great asset for your business.


Benefit #1

It drives traffics (a lot of traffic)

If you have tried Digital Marketing for your brand then you must know about the benefits of creating inbound links. Pinterest is probably one of the best platforms to create links back to your website, which in turn, increases traffic.


Make sure you have good content. Your content will drive people to pin the picture. Further, present it well. A good content is best delivered with a good quality graphics, and, on Pinterest, you have a lot of potentials to attract people with quality graphics.


Benefit #2

It converts browsers into buyers

People usually turn to Pinterest in their first phase of planning i.e., their usual research phase; or for inspiration. The point is, Pinterest reduces the number of steps from product discovery to conversion.

For example, if someone wants to go Ooty, they’ll simply search ‘ooty’ on Pinterest. The pictures opened can be put up a travel agency. So when people click on it, the image will open which might also lead them to the agency’s website page where they can directly book the tickets.

Thus, visitors from Pinterest are more likely to convert to buyers. You can get genuine leads and profitable amount of sales.


You might not know this, but when people google for images, many images shown in the search results are also from Pinterest. Basically, people can access you just through your amazing pictures.


Benefit #3

Know your audience, market, and competition

Pinterest gives you a great opportunity for consumer insights. One keyword search can get you a complete report on what your target audience is keen on searching, discussing and sharing. You can check what your competitors are posting and what is the most that’s getting pinned. You can search in categories or use the pinners to follow what is that is trending.


You can follow anyone who follows you and gets a complete picture of the topic that’s holding their interest. You will never be behind the trending market through this. It gives you the opportunity to see what’s hot so that you can position yourself and your products accordingly.


Don’t stop here. There are many benefits from Pinterest that you are unaware of. Use Pinterest to showcase that unique element of your product or service. Create a board and highlight your employees, your brand, your culture and yourself. It’s indeed a great platform where you can start by simply having a picture of your office, warehouse or brand logo. Let people see the real you. Don’t limit the social media potential.


Not sure how to go about using Pinterest?

No Problem! We, Crazy Hippos, are experts when it comes to Digital Marketing. We have been taking care of Pinterest pictures, boards and even pinners for our existing clientele. We can do it for you too.  All you have to do is to reach us and we will devise a plan that works best for your brand.





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