How experiential marketing benefits your business

How Experiential Marketing Benefits Businesses

The future of advertising is all about experiential marketing.Traditional marketing is a part of our lives,and still is relevant and has an impact. However,today the foundation of marketing is solely based on customer-centric approach.Businesses these days do anything and everything to leave the consumer spellbound and enthralled owing to the numerous benefits the service/product has to offer. This is where experiential marketing comes into the picture.

What is Experiential Marketing?

Experiential marketing is any type of marketing which targets our 5 senses – hearing, eye sight,touch, taste and smell. People are sense-driven. By focussing on these senses,a unique bond gets created between the customer and the brand thus leaving a positive impact on them.

In simple words, traditional forms of advertising like print, television, radio focusses on conveying the brand visually and verbally by explaining about the service/ product along with their key/unique features. Whereas, experiential marketing targets in attracting the customers and stupefy them by engaging them with the product.

This not only creates an emotional link between the consumer and the brand, but also creates trust and influences their purchasing decisions.

Tips for Experiential Marketing

● Identify and research about your target audience

● Determine the message you want to convey and plan an event or experience regarding that

● Think about interactive, creative ways to communicate about the benefits of your brand to pull customers towards it

● Plan a creative, impactful experience which is enduring, catchy and unforgettable

● Devise plans to capture your customers through online engagement(Social Media Platforms)

● Create a hashtag which is relevant to the event and encourage people to share it through their social media posts

● Measure the success of your experiential campaign

Few Experiential Marketing Ideas

● Pop-up shows

● Classes / workshop

● Giveaways

Benefits of Experiential Marketing

They help to provoke new and unique content. Write about the event and spread the word about it through blogs, social media posts and you can also publish testimonials of clients and audiences who attended the previous event of yours.

They help in building brand affinity. In today’s modern age, customers focus more on the experiences rather than the price or product features. With the correct experiential marketing strategies, you can establish an affinity with your customers which is ultimately lead to better sales

They help in getting attention. Experiential marketing is a great way to attract earned media. The chances are high that every local newspapers and social media pages may talk about your event. You can even approach influencers to talk about the event/brand on their page and channel.

How to make sure your event is a hit

● Build a buzz and fizz about the event weeks before the date

● Make sure the campaigns and marketing ideas have an emotional impact on your customers

● Look for partnership possibilities. Team up with organisations related to your event to boost the impact on your experiential marketing event. This will help to enhance your brand image.

● Intensify your campaigns through social media. Use hashtags to get people interested to take part in the event. With a tad bit of creativity, your event can become a massive hit among the audience.

Closing Thought

Experiential Marketing is one major way through which brands can differentiate themselves from their competitors. In the road ahead, experiential marketing is definitely going to rise in popularity.

No matter what industry your business belongs to, we at Crazy Hippos, can help you devise innovative and creative ways to market your event and brand. Reach out to us, and let us create something amazing together!

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