How to create a successful package design that sells

Before we get into the dos and don’ts of package designing just answer the following question–

What is it that made you buy the product that you bought recently?

Off-hand, some obvious reasons could be the advertising messages, you being a loyal customer, maybe the brand reputation, or probably testimonials from other customers of the product.

But interestingly, a study was published at the University of Delaware found that the colour and design of product accounts for close to 85 percent of the reason behind people buying one product.

Create a successful package design

So, would you buy an organic food item if the package or the container was black instead of the usual white and green?

As the colour dominates the purchasing decisions of the consumers, there are many other factors that play equally significant roles in your package design. Plus, consumers today have plenty of options to choose from and the product-packaging designs compete to attract the customer thus hoping to get a boost in sales. Additionally, trends must not be ignored. For example, for a long time Apple has been using a simple and neat packaging designs for their products. It became a trend in itself and was adopted by many other industries.

So now you have your product all set and are ready to begin thinking about the packaging, but wondering what exactly to consider before going into the designing part. Yes, it is pretty complicated but not difficult. Packaging not just sets pace but also steers the ship of your brand. Afterall, it is one of the most visible aspects of any brand’s identity. Here’s a list of things you could consider before kick-starting your package designing:

Know Your Audience

This should stand as a top priority on your list. Who is your customer? Whom you want to sell your product to? You need to do your homework and understand whom you are selling your product to. This is the key to all other tips given below.

To create an effective product packaging design you must understand the customer market and the desired target audience. Knowing your core audience will make all other package design decisions easier.

Display the benefits prominently

Your product must inspire the design. Many designs will focus on showing the features or how easy the product is to use or how delicious it is. Yes, you must include the unique characteristics and qualities of the product but you also must understand the placing of those very details. Where what should go and what should be highlighted. That is exactly where the real selling power lies.

Consider your competition and understand your plan of sales

You homework does not end at doing your research on your target audience. You will have to understand your competition. Do you know which product will sit next to your product on the shelf? Where your package will be displayed? Take time out to do a comprehensive research and learn about what your competition is doing.

With all the important facts and information in your hand you can strategize your sales plan. Your packaging must consider your consumer needs but also rope in the needs of your distributors, retailers and other existing sales channels. Knowing the competition and strategizing accordingly will help you rise above it.

Practical Packaging: Bag or Box- Plastic or Paper

What holds your product?

The things that will create a difference among your consumers and retailers is your packaging form, shape and size. Designs that are way too unique might catch the customer’s eye but there is a chance that it would also be considered costly, which would harm the sales efforts. Your packaging must be easy to open and use. Thus, make your packaging practical.

Don’t forget to protect your product itself while trying to get your customer’s attention. There are few products that has to be protected from the sun, heat and other elements. Your packaging must incorporate the needs of your product as well.

The right colours and the fonts with the perfect copy

Review your customers, vendors, sales channels and product trends while choosing the colours and the fonts for your product packaging. These things evoke emotions so be sure of what you are choosing.

Colours plays a huge role, so choose your colours wisely. Once you have established a colour for your brand, your competitors will have a really hard time using it as it will signify your product a little extra. But that command of colours takes time, planning for it is the key.

Keep your copy crisp and to the point. Consider your package text as a google adword Ad- make the copy say the most with the least. With the right language and tone your copy along with few photos or illustrations that describes your product your packaging design will stand out.

Closing Thought

It’s all about the perception!

Well, you have only 4-6 seconds to catch the shopper’s attention in the aisle and convey the benefits of your product over the other. It will be done with the perception that the shopper will make about your product based on what is presented-your package.


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