How to write content for landing page that converts

It is a known fact that landing pages convert better than a homepage. Successful marketers are aware of the fact that creating a new product or service and launching it through the home page will not be as successful when compared to promoting it through a dedicated landing page. Here a few tips on how to write content for landing page that converts.

Why are landing pages so important?

Landing ages are important because they have the ability to segment the prospects into subgroups of consumers. They can align the right message to the right audience at the right time.

Landing page apprehending process

  • Identify the selling points and USPs of the product or service
  • Identify the visuals and copy you need to convey the USP’s clearly and concisely
  • Lastly, design your page in a way that is creates an impact on your audience

In simple;

  • Get attention
  • Turn that attention into interest
  • Translate that interest into action

A landing page is for conversions, plain and simple. However to get to conversions, words are the primary tool in the pursuit.

#1 The headline should be indicated and associated directly from where your visitor came to the landing page or ad copy that drove the click. This is the most important part of your landing page

#2 Be specific with a clear call to action. You can use graphic buttons or hotlinked text. It should be able to guide the prospect what they actually should o. Test your CTA copy before zeroing on a final one.

#3 Write in the second person – You and Your. Nobody wants to know about you or your company. The only thing they will be interested in is how the particular service or product benefits them and about the deals and offers.

#4 Write your copy not to showcase your creativity or ability to write clever and witty phases. It is of no use if the particular copy is not understood by a common man. Write a clear and persuasive message which can actually be understood by reading it the first time.

#5 Keep the most important points at the beginning of the landing page or at the end. Human beings tend to pay more attention only to the beginnings and ends. They may omit reading the middle lines. Hence keep your most critical and crucial messages and arguments in the beginning or end.

#6 Eliminate the unwanted information such as too many navigation bars, links and visuals. The reader should be able to concentrate exclusively on your copy and the supporting visuals.

Closing Thought

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