3 best ways to increase engagement through Facebook

Facebook engagement is when a content piece reaches the audience and they are forced to drop in response to it. You can also call it a content that creates an impact on people and they relate to it in one way or another. In a hyperactive world where the attention span has reduced to microseconds. It’s imperative to come up with new ways to ensure that your consumer is still hooked to you.

If you have felt that irrespective of how much you are posting online, customers likes, and the response is always low then maybe what you are doing is not relatable to them. Talking about relatability doesn’t really mean you have to talk about their likes and dislikes. There are multiple ways you can trigger the response from the consumer. Here we have listed a couple of ways you can do so and drive results and engagement.
User-Generated Content Always Wins 
People trust people more than anyone else. Using the testimonials to create trust and engagement is one of the tried and tested methods brands have used for ages. Take Dove for example. Most of their ads are where women are talking about how their skin has turned softer and smoother after continuous use. You can do the same for digital platforms. Collect reviews and testimonials from your customers and post them across Facebook.

3 Tips for Facebook Enhancement

Sharing the content sent by your customer shows how much you care about your consumer community. You can experiment with this content as well. Instead of simply showing a testimonial, you can show a customer journey. How a customer faced an issue and your team successfully solved it within a limited time-frame. It will not only show a happy customer but also how steadfast you are when it comes to taking care of your consumer base. Furthermore, you can run a campaign on sharing reviews from the different audience on your product. If you have an FMCG product, you can share what a teenager feel about it, a mother, working professionals, so on and so forth. It will show the diversity in your consumer base and strengthen your brand in the market.
Run a contest
The best way to connect with the audience and drive engagement is through running a contest. You don’t have to go large scale. You can run a simple puzzle contest wherein people send back responses of guessing a word, simplifying the jumbled image of your product, etc. A contest can be anything simple, fill in the blank, find the difference, etc. You can also run a contest wherein they can share selfies while using your product or a content piece related to the theme of your product.

All you have to do is to make sure that the contest is fun, does not require too many clicks or becomes troublesome for customers to play it, and there is a price at the end of it such as a coupon, voucher, free hamper, etc. A little post boost can take you a long way, so do consider that as well.
Always use the Topical Days 
Another important way is to tap into the festive and important days to connect with the audience. It is the best time to get closer to your audience. You can run a campaign dedicated to a festive season or simply have a single post that talks to the customer and wishes them. A simple post also does a lot because that way consumer remembers you. Your post comes across them and subconsciously you get registered in their mind. Plus, if your post is creative enough, there are possibilities of it getting shared and driving a new customer base and larger engagement. That’s just like icing on the cake.

Always remember, topical posts are a good way to leverage your brand. But it is important that the content produced is relevant to the consumer and still revolves around your business or product. It has to be a win-win situation for both. Topical posts are a good way to humanize your brand, make a difference, and interact with your audience.
Apart from these, you can also try to go live on Facebook as it increases engagement in big time. You can share your own updates and go beyond business i.e., your recent CSR undertaking, community projects, etc. These are some of the common ways your brand can rise above the competitive level and attract audience and engagement towards it.

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