What NOT to do in Email marketing

How successful was your last email marketing campaign? Did you generate a good amount of genuine leads? If you didn’t, and wondering what went wrong then we have an answer for you.

Mistakes! Unknowingly or knowingly you commit mistakes in your email marketing campaigns which make them vulnerable in front of the consumer and they just lose their value, which results in you losing a good business opportunity.

Emails are one of the best ROI driven medium. It demands your time and investment so make sure your effort does not go waste. But how to do that?

We are here to help you come out of this confusion and provide you with solid answers which will make you understand why exactly your email marketing didn’t work the last time. If you are about to take up email marketing then this is the perfect time to read this blog.

Don’t send from donotreply@mydomain.com

Your customers want someone to hear them and there is nothing worse than the brands using noreply@email.com or donotreply@domain.com. You choose digital medium and make your website responsive in order to interact with the potential customer, then why show the ‘don’t reply’ face? Interaction must be everywhere.

Emails with these addresses look tough, rude and give a unwelcoming facade. Just as you want to stand out and make an identity, people want you to treat them as individuals, not just some email address. If they can’t reply to you right away, what’s the point? In fact, these sort of emails has the lowest amount of open rates.

So always send your emails from an address to which consumers can reply to and do not forget to add contact details like other email ids, phone numbers or office address will also do. They may look at the address and might find it closer to their office or house and would want to chat about a project through a quick meeting. You may get lucky!

Don’t send only images in your emails

The most important reason why shouldn’t even think of sending a simple image based emailer is that it will directly go to spam. Forget about opening the email, your consumer won’t know your email even existed as it never appeared in their inbox.

Another reason why you should just wave off to image based emailer is that they take time to load. Not every email will open quickly, and not every consumer will spare their precious seconds waiting for your image to load. Let’s say they saw your email and are impressed. Now, later they want to search your email. They are in need of the product or service that you offered days ago.  What should they type and search? Give them the option to search for that email by using text for most of your content. A good rule of thumb is to use a ratio of 60% images, 40% text.

Do not forget to attach a link to your website

There are campaigns with 20 links and there are campaigns with absolutely zero links. The goal of every email is to make them want to click through your website, but if your link sends them to your homepage, there are chances that they might not completely navigate to find one single service or product you offered at the first place.  

Your email must include at least one link which takes them to a dedicated landing page that continues the message within the email and provides them a wider picture of what you were talking about. It is similar to search marketing campaigns, make a solid landing page as it eases your process of lead generation and increases conversions.

Do not apply the “one size fits all” theory

You have a good database–superb! You have a good email content–amazing! Is your email content relevant to the needs of the people in your database?

You will have everyone, from big businessmen to small startups in your database, now you don’t want to send a “we can help startups gain leads” to an already established business. Being relevant shows that you care. So always segment your emails. It will take time but it’s completely worth it as you have genuine chances of generating leads. Segmentation can be basic or complex. If you segment your list into different groups and alter your content as per the reader, you’ll definitely see higher click-through rates or engaged customers or maybe both!

Do not forget the fact that mobiles exist

How many emails do you check through your phones? Maximum, right? You know where we are heading.

People open and check their emails mostly through their mobile phones. So needless to say, you have to optimize your emails for mobile devices. No matter how informative or relevant your email will be, people won’t be able to read it easily which means they will not read it all.

Plus, optimizing for mobiles is the first thing you should consider in email marketing, the route goes up to you driving more traffic and generating leads. Keep the process as easy as possible. Your landing pages and your website must also be easily reachable. The more easy the process is for the customer the more you will be liked.

So these are the major mistakes that marketers or brands usually commit today. Have your checklist ready for your next campaign, you now know what to do and what to strictly avoid.

If you want to know more and wish to run an email marketing campaign that generates leads by keeping all these points in mind and maybe more then reach us. We, Crazy Hippos, might not be the best, but we are certainly in the league of becoming one. Plus, we know how to report on the right metrics. We have professionals who take care of it.

Confused with what metrics has to do here or how important it is?

Well, let’s meet over a cup of coffee and we’ll tell you in person.

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