Which Social Media Platform is the Best for your Business

Social Media has become a part of our everyday life. However, many businesses make the mistake of trying to focus on all the social media platforms irrespective of whether that particular platform would work for their company and benefit them or not. Here is a guide on How to choose the right social media platform for your business.

Things to consider:

It is important to decide which platform is worth investing both your time and other resources. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself before you get started.

  • ● Who is my target audience?
  • ● What are my social media goals?
  • ● Do I have enough resources to maintain the account consistently on a daily basis?
Social Media best for your Business

Choosing a Channel


Facebook benefits almost every business and is the most popular social media channel. It helps to build a community around your business. FB is used by almost every age group people ranging from teenagers to grandparents.

If you are into Software solutions, Healthcare, restaurant business, clothing brands or you sell accessories, facebook shall be the perfect platform for you to showcase your products through appealing images and captions. Make sure, you post different stuff like articles, blogs, videos and photos. You can also post client testimonials. Facebook also allows you to create events and promote it to your audience. Facebook ads can help you get good results at relatively lower costs.


Instagram is one of the top visual social media platforms. If you are into creative business, you can create the perfect Instagram feed. The year 2018, has seen many entrepreneurs flourish by selling their products through Instagram It also helps you connect with stars and celebrities. If you are into wedding photography or you have a cooking blog, all you have to do is click stunning pictures and upload them on Instagram with relevant hashtags and tagging other pages relevant to your business. You will be surprised by the response and DM you will be receiving.


Twitter is the perfect platform for those people whose target audience consists of young tech-savvy millennials. Information travels faster through Twitter than any news channel. It is the best channel to give real-time updates. By using trending hashtags, you can attract more traffic to your feed. But beware, every tweet cannot exceed more than 280 characters hence make sure your message is witty and talks volumes.


LinkedIn is a professionally-oriented platform. It is a great channel to connect with the industry leaders and to know about business meets and seminars. It enables us to identify potential prospects based on their employment level, job title, and industry. LinkedIn is basically an encyclopedia containing information in the form of blogs, research papers and eBooks. It is mandatory for every B2B business person to have a LinkedIn profile.

Closing Thought:

Besides these 4 major platforms, there are other social media channels like youtube, Pinterest, tumbler. Decide which platforms should you be using before putting your efforts and time into it.

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