How To Develop Your Brand’s Personality

Scene 1: You are at the million dollar question of “Kaun Banega Crorepati”. Your excited and nervous while the dramatic music plays at the back. The question pops on your screen “ Does your brand have a personality? How do your potential audience describe your brand as such?”. Are you able to answer this question with confidence or are you fumbling and confused through the multiple-choice options in the hopes of you choosing the correct answer? If you can imagine yourself in a scenario of fumbling for the answer, then the following tips are for you.

Develop your Brand's Personality

● Define your audience. Not everybody needs your product. If you are selling diapers, you need to focus the targeted buyers i.e., new parents. There is no point in trying to sell diapers to everyone when they won’t even be needing it.

● Know your competition. If your competitors or the companies in your industry are coming up with something new, know what they are doing and who they are. Be aware of your competition. Both their successes and failures can help you learn.

● Find your USP. USP stands for Unique Selling Point. It helps you to differentiate your product from the rest of the similar products in the market. As much as the price is a sole determining factor when a person is confused to buy between product X and Y, your USP will create a distinct brand identity and persuade the consumer to buy your product.

For example: Both Sam and John run a noodles shop in an area which has a railway station and many schools surrounding it. Sam has a better business than John, because his shop is open 24*7 hours, offers 30 different types of noodles and a discount of 10% for students when they show their ID Card. In this way, his brand has evolved a personality on its own.

● Be Consistent. Create a consistent look and personality. Your Brand’s personality consists of many components which work together to shape up how your product/company is positioned in the market. The colours you select for your logo, how your website looks, the tagline, how you describe your product and services​ are some ways your brand can speak for itself. Be authentic and also make sure the message your brand is speaking is consistent both online and offline.

● Brand Building. No matter the size of your company, you should market the products through every medium available so that customers recognize you and remember your brand. Most of us use the word xerox when we need to take 2-3 copies of a document instead of using the word “Photocopies”. That is exactly what brand awareness does. We subconsciously replace the actual word with the brand name. However, this cannot be achieved overnight, and requires a lot of efforts to establish a solid brand awareness amongst the audience.

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