Building Brand Trust with Online Reviews

You have decided to go out with your family for a Saturday night dinner. What is the first thing you do? You are most likely to look into the reviews of restaurants nearby and make your decision on where to dine in. Customer reviews are very important as they help to increase conversions and rankings. Hence, it is very important to build brand trust with online reviews. If you don’t have any reviews from your client’s describing their amazing experience with you, you are losing on a lot of new customers.

Online Reviews

Credibility equals to conversion

A study by review specialists Reevoo found 88% of consumers consult reviews before making a purchase. Online customer reviews are 12 times more trusted than manufacturer products description. It is very important to place your reviews on a relevant product/service page so that the potential customer gets to view all the details and make a decision. Amazon cleverly use their ‘Top 3 Customers Reviews’ first before listing others, but also add the ‘Most Recent Customer Reviews’ too.

Managing negative Reviews

Heard of the phrase, “All publicity is good publicity?”. A study by review specialists Reevoo found that bad reviews can increase conversions by 67%. Customers tend to believe reviews and products when they see both bad and good scores. Humans tend to get suspicious when they see no negative opinions among the reviews they read. If you are lucky enough, a negative review may encourage people with positive experiences with the service to stand up for it. Either way, the feedback will also help you review your service and identify the areas you need to work on.

SEO Benefits

Online reviews have a significant impact on SEO. A lot of positive reviews about your organization can help build your business ranking in search engines. Example: If somebody is searching for a boutique in a specific area, Google uses customer ratings as a major determining factor for which of the boutiques in the area should be displayed in the top three rankings. Customer reviews help to provide user-generated content, increased click-through rates, improved ranking for the brand and the product also increasing the click-through rates. In addition to customer reviews on your own site, Google reviews are often displayed against a brand or location search within Google. Yelp, TripAdvisor and third-party review sites such as Reevoo often rank well for company and product searches.

Google Customer Reviews

While adding customer reviews to your website is relatively easy with well-known plugins, it is worth trying out Google Customer Reviews. The Google Customer Reviews is free and also allows you to collect feedback from customers to calculate an overall score, which you can later display on your website, search ads and shopping ads. However, Google Customer Review extensions will only be triggered when your service/product reaches 150 reviews, collected within the last 12 months and with a minimum of a 3.5-star rating. Add social media icons to your website which will help you in building your social media customer base.

Closing Thought

It is very important to respond to the feedback you get from your customers. Negative reviews are a part and parcel of any business, and the best way to handle negative reviews is to show genuine sympathy and try to rectify the mistake. Try building a solid base of positive reviews so that it can help to nullify the negative reviews.

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