The DOs & DON’Ts Of Logo Design

For any newly established business, one of the first things in mind is their representation to the world. What better way to represent a company than by its logo? Although this is the most practical approach, designing a logo is not as easy as it may seem. There are a lot of meticulous steps to think over before finally slapping the facial stamp on your business.

Do and Dont's of Logo Design

Here’s a rulebook of the things you must consider doing and avoiding when preparing to design the logo


DON’T ​be too obvious

DO ​strive to be different

There is no need to emphasize your brand’s offering entirely in the logo. For example:​ Creating a bottle logo if you’re a beer brand or a computer logo if you’re a software company. Strive for something different.

Take inspiration from things outside your brand’s atmosphere. Keep exploring and experimenting with different ideas until you find the perfect solution. It’s not always useful to follow a set pattern if ou’re offering a service that has plenty of competition. Always think outside the box and let your creative imagine float freely. Who knows, you might just come up with something completely unorthodox yet even more powerful.


DON’T ​mess with too many fonts

DO ​choose your fonts carefully

The thumb rule for fonts is to keep just two in your logo. Adding too many font types can result in your logo being clunky and disjointed. Every font has a distinctive personality tied to it. Choosing the right one means experiment carefully with a shortlist of font types. Ultimately, it’s best to choose one that you feel represents your brand in a holistic way.


DON’T ​choose colours at random

DO ​research on colour psychology

Closing your eyes, rotating your fingers and stopping at a random colour; bad move. Colours matter as much as fonts, choose wisely.

Colour is to emotion as much as font is to personality. Every colour embodies a different emotion that can be triggered within a consumer. Do a deeper study on how different colours blend to enhance various emotions and then pick the right combination that best suits your brand. Since Little Chanakya’s is a preschool, we have used the colours which is associated with fascination, joy, learning, success, positivity, energy and optimism.

Size and Spacing

DON’T ​squeeze or expand your logo too much

DO ​be aware of legibility

Depending on where your logo is going to be used, you may have to keep varying between sizes and spacing of each element.

Think of the logo proportions like you think about choosing the perfect clothe size that fits you; not too loose, not too tight, just right. In the end, the logo must be legible to your audience and stand out no matter where and how you use it for all sorts of promotion.


DON’T ​constantly change the logo

DO ​change only when it matters

Switching logo designs every now and then is the sign of a weak brand. You can easily lose recognition and trust with your target audience.

If your brand has established itself strongly in the market, but the logo feels outdated, then it’s time for change. Be careful not to change too much of it though; rather focus on a single element in the logo and alter it in ways that won’t affect the overall brand message.


DON’T ​add too much of detailing

DO ​keep it simple

At first you may get very excited about your logo; mixing and matching all sorts of colours, fonts and designs. The end result is something clunky, complicated and too difficult to recognize

The best,most recognised logos have one thing in common: they are all quite simple. Your approach to detailing must be the same. Highlighting just one feature of your business in the logo does the trick, without sacrificing creativity.

To conclude; the most important rule of all:

DON’T ​design a logo all by yourself

DO ​ask for professional help

Even if you have the know-how, it’s always good to ask for a little feedback from trusted sources. This keeps logo ideas fresh and gives you a chance to have a second glance.Approaching a professional design agency ​ is the best thing to do when you have absolutely no clue how to go about with your logo. If you already have a particular design in mind, consulting the professionals is like getting a second, more believable opinion. An opinion that can greatly benefit the prosperity of your business.

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