How Influencer Marketing is The New Best Tool for Promoting Your Brand

No matter how big or small your brand is, it requires two simple things to survive: Awareness and Promotion. While there are more than enough ways to execute this, your brand’s ultimate survival depends on the buzz it creates towards the audience.

One of the newest ways to generate a powerful and more credible buzz is via influencer marketing. It works really easy too; all you need is to know the right kind of people who have the right kind of followers for your brand to get the right kind of exposure. So how do you go about it? Here are a few tips.

It’s all about your Brand’s USP:

Influencer Marketing for Promoting

Influencer marketing doesn’t work by simply chucking your brand at popular YouTubers and asking them to flash it on screen. Remember, even an influencer is an audience, so you have to give valid reasons as to how your brand stands out, for those influencers to gloat about it.

Finding the right influencers:

Influencers vary in the field they specialize in, so finding one that could suitably use and promote your brand is the first big thing you have to do. Look for these 3 things when narrowing down influencers:

  • ● What topics they discuss
  • ● Whether their audience matches your target regarding age, gender, and location
  • ● Audience engagement rate

Some of the best places to search for relevant influencers are:

  • ● Social media platforms: The best places include Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Youtube and Facebook
  • ● Google Alerts: Narrow influencers down by setting up a targeted search for people who talk most about things that pertain to your brand
  • ● Blogs: An estimated 86% of influencers have at least one active blog. Hunt down for their articles that are relatable to your brand

Using Influencers:

Influencer marketing thrives on content creation i.e, making your brand the most talked about thing on the net for it to become a trendsetter. You ultimately want potential consumers to be so excited about owning a product of your brand, and that’s where influencers come in.

Here are a few powerful methods of influencer marketing:

  • ● Asking influencers to keep making references to your brand as they talk on the subject matter
  • ● Influencers can do giveaways of your brand’s product via more likes and comments on the subject matter
  • ● Blogging and constant forum engagement by influencers on talks related to your brand

Remember, Influencer marketing is not entirely free, unless you have established a good relationship with the influencer and they are pretty much excited about your brand. There are ways to entice a good deal such as compensating influencers with rewards such as, a free product of your brand or return references and thank yous on your next promotional marketing campaign.

Why Influencer Marketing:

  • ● It’s Powerful: Google Trends states Influencer Marketing as a “Breakout”, meaning that the effectiveness of campaigns is greater than 5000%
  • ● It’s Trustworthy: 74% go for professional reviews before purchasing a product
  • ● It’s Social: Only 14% of people remember a decent TV ad or basic promotion of a product. While the attachment to YouTubers and Instagrammers is 7x greater and more memorable
  • ● It Generates Greater ROI: 11x times better than traditional online and offline marketing

Got a new product or looking to get brand awareness?

It’s best to begin with influencer marketing. Snapchat and Instagram are some of the best influencer marketing platforms. Barely any marketers are investing in it, giving you a better chance of making full use of influencer marketing for a lower price than its actual value.

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