What is a brand audit?

What is a brand audit?

A brand audit is just a detailed review of the marketing strategies and techniques you have been using. It is done to analyse where your brand stands and the purpose of your brand. Conducting a brand audit is an important step for all companies regardless of whether you are an established organisation or a startup.

What is a Brand Audit?

Why do you need a brand audit?

We usually visit the doctor for a complete master health checkup annually to know about our health and check if you need any treatment or additional vitamins/supplements. As much as a health checkup for yourself is necessary, a brief examination of where your brand stands is equally important. A thorough evaluation of the brand’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats will greatly help in the brand repositioning.

You have created the company on your own ad in order to run it smoothly and successfully, it is important to get a reality check of where your brand stands. As technology and trends keep changing, so many aspects of your brand would have changed too.

Goals of a Brand Audit

  • ● Provides an insight about the current position of the brand and how it is perceived
  • ● See how the brand has performed compared with the already set goals
  • ● Examine the relative positioning of your brand amongst the competitors
  • ● Identify and evaluate the strength, weaknesses, threats and opportunities.
  • ● Restructure your identity by taking necessary positive steps

Brand Audit should consist of the following

Internal: An audit about the company’s values, vision, mission, and culture

External: An audit of the factories, store outlets, advertising, public relations etc.

Customer Satisfaction: Audit of the departments which deals with consumers ( sales department, support, etc.)

Brand Audit Checklist

Brand Strategy: Is your business brand messaging and communication still effective? Are you able to engage your target audience?

Target Audience: Are you targeting the right audience?

Brand Sentiment: Evaluation about the competitors, business partners and all the sentiments surrounding the brand. Would you recommend your brand to others? How is brand being perceived?

Market investigation: Knowing about the current trends in your industry and market place. How different are your pricing from your competitors? How is your brand different from similar brands?

Need assistance with your brand evaluation?

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