Tips to run a successful Facebook Ad Campaign

Since its conception, Facebook has become the favoured social media platform for advertising. If you are a startup or small business looking to make use of social media to boost your business, here’s a couple of things you ought to do to take full advantage of with Facebook’s nifty ad space:

Facebook Ad Campaign

Know what to advertise:

The basic rule here for all business fresh into the social media market is to first run an awareness campaign to make consumers know you exist. After a week or two begin to solely promote your specific product or service. This has to be your primary advertising for the long run and you can always try to be creative and link your offerings with selected special days.

Know whom to advertise:

This golden rule has found its way into the social media space and Facebook is giving advertisers a plethora of options when it comes to breaking down the Target Audience. Once you have a clear picture of which type of audience you want to cater to, Facebook let’s you narrow down the search right from demographics to behaviouristic patterns of your audience.

Know when to advertise:

Facebook lets you strategise when your ads have to appear on the surfing screens of your Target Audience. This is unpredictable at first but once you understand the pattern by looking at the impressions report you will get a clear idea when you most promising audience surf through and push ads at that specific time.

Know where to advertise:

One of the coolest ad tools Facebook offers; having the ability to decide where your ad appears on the site can be quite useful to boost ad impressions. Depending on how your audience utilise Facebook, you can choose whether ads have to appear solely on the mobile platform or both PC and mobile.

Know how to manage ads:

After all said and done, finding out if your ads worked is the most important task. While this is next to impossible on offline media, Facebook has a really handy tool where you can check real-time analytics of your ads performance. If you’re looking for better ROI, here are the key areas where Facebook shows analysis, depending on which you can re-strategise and optimise your online ads:

● Impressions – The number of times your ad was seen

● Reach – The number of individual people your ad was shown to

● Likes – The number of people who liked your ad

● Shares – The number of people who saw your ad and shared it

● Comments – The amount of comments on your ad

● Frequency – The number of times your ad was shown, on average, to a user.

● Click Through Rate – The percentage at which a consumer saw the ad and click through to the landing page.

● Page Likes – The number of likes generated for your Facebook page because of the ad.

Make this a regular practice and in no time, the only thing you have to be concerned about is crowd control on your Facebook page.

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