How to optimize mobile sites for sales

At present about 1.8 billion people use their mobile devices to shop online globally. However, by the end of 2019, over 2.5 billion mobile phone or tablet users will make mobile commerce transaction”.

In this blog we will focus on the same — that is how a business can succeed with mobile by having incredible experiences on website; and how exactly you can optimize your adword account which is Optimized Advertising.

Incredible Experiences

We have to give consumers exactly what they want.

When people want to know about your business or the services you offer, they will go through your website first. Earlier they used to get all the things through their desktop but now they will pick out their mobile phones and find you within seconds.

Thus, your mobile website has to be very well optimized.

Further, Provide a clear menu of your products. You could always have some sort of a pop up inviting users to subscribe or making users initiate some kind of action. Again, the kind of optimization you would do depend from website to website.

Guiding users taking action easily

Regardless of the product that you’re selling or the service you are offering, always induce mind behaviour. Always engage users to do some action on your website such as writing reviews, wishlists etc.

Giving users a beautiful and natural path to purchase

Study a person’s buying behavior on a particular website.This will be a time saving and convenient way for your consumers and for you as well. Again, the kind of website that you will be designing and the flow or the path will differ. But it is always better to look at your audience. Understand what all thing things they might be looking at. Watch all small micro- moments. Catch them and you could later optimize it and accordingly design your website.

Providing best experience considering consumer behaviour

In some instances people are looking to generate leads via a mobile websites. You can dwell up some forms in such scenarios. Forms which are easy to go through; and gets loaded on their interface easy. People must be able to fill out these forms. You would not want people to come to your website and then spend a lot of time just filling out forms rather than reviewing products and services.

Provide a clear and concise search box

if you have a lot of services and not sure of what the user might be looking for, having search box is very helpful. Allow the user to explore your content as much as possible. Place your content properly. This is where your content organisation skills come in.

Be concise and efficient in check out

People have various options to choose from not just yours. Anything that takes a lot of time, delays their search on website or the amount of time it takes for them from liking a product to buying it, might result in them leaving your website abruptly. You might lose your valuable customer to another website.

Make sure that you are mentioning all the points about checkout in one page itself. Allow people to have this seamless experience when they buy from your website.

PageSpeed Insights

40% of the people will abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Try to ensure you page loads as soon as possible.

In order to improve your Page Speed Insights you can reach out to Google itself. There is a page insight tool. A simple Google search will help you with it.

All you have to do is to paste the URL’s of your website or the landing page URL’s. Their system will scan the website for you and tell you the speed of that particular website in a mobile and also on a desktop device. This tool will also tell you what all needs to be done or optimized to increase its speed.

This tool is very handy and self explanatory for all those who don’t have time and usually don’t get into such nitty-witty things.

Mobile friendly test

Just as simple as checking your PageSpeed; all you have to do here is paste the URL’s of your website or landing pages. The system will scan and let you know whether it is mobile friendly or not. If it is, it will give you a ‘Yes’ signal. If it’s not, then it will let you know the things that has to be taken care of.

It might look a little technical but one glance from your webmaster will make him understand what exactly has to be done.

Here’s a quick summary of what makes a good mobile website

  • Have a nice homepage and site navigation must be easy
  • Provide them the ability to convert
  • Make it easily usable, which is the usability and form factor
  • Certified UX partners for implementation (only when needed)
  • Mobile site analysis and optimization suggestions
  • Site search (must for those who sell a lot of products)
  • Form entry (if you are looking to generate leads)

A summary of what we discussed to optimize everything:

TEST: Page speed insights, Mobile friendly test and follow best practices for mobile optimized websites.

FIX:Switch your website to a mobile friendly site

OPTIMIZE:Make sure you campaign is optimized for you site

MEASURE: The effect of strengthening your presence on mobile.

That is pretty much it. Happy Optimizing!

If you need assistance, reach out to us, Crazy Hippos! Let us discuss over a cup of creativity!

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