Social media branding strategies businesses must follow

Social media is being used for a variety of purposes today. Whether it’s selling of products, content marketing, gaining subscribers, customer support, persuading followers to your brand point and swaying their hearts, social media provides you the perfect platform to reach out to your target audience and build your brand.

A recent research from Econsultancy shows that 71 percent of brands plan to invest more heavily in social media in the coming year in order to gain new followers and build the reputation of their brand. You must also be looking to join the list of ‘known brands’ in your industry.

However,today everyone is into strengthening their online brand profiles,thus to stand out,you must differentiate your brand’s identity. But the problem is, with so many different social media platforms available and each of them are loaded with competition, how will one carve out their own brand’s position on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc.

Here’s everything you need to understand about successfully using the social media platform to build a recognisable brand known for its positive qualities that will help you gain and retain followers. Read on and find out.

1. Choose the right networks that support your brand image

You shouldn’t blame yourself if your are unable to gain any traction on some of the social media platforms you are active on. There are hundreds of social media apps out there and it is normal to get tempted and jump into all of them to try them out. But, you must understand that not every social media platform will go for your brand or product. You must be careful in finding the network that fits with your brand’ image. Otherwise, you will find yourself struggling to make any progress.

  • Facebook is the best platform today for increasing brand awareness. Facebook can prove to be a great platform for promoting any brand virtually, mostly because of its huge user base.
  • Instagram, who’s parent company is Facebook, is another great option for the brands that are mostly into images, such as the clothing companies and retailers or any apparel startups. It is immensely effective for reaching young adults.
  • Pinterest, on the other hand, is an excellent network to reach out to women, especially for those brands who are into jewellery or clothing. Also, it will be useful to reach out professional writers.
  • LinkedIn is the ultimate network if you operate a B2B business rather than B2C. You can easily connect with corporate influencers and promote your business-related content.

2. Utilise Visual Branding and develop Brand’s voice

Visuals are very important and are proven effective in social media branding. But be consistent, if your profile in one network looks different from another, then it will create discomfort among users and will also come off as they are owned by two different companies. You must have your branding to be consistent in all your channels. Through this, people will automatically recognize your company regardless of the site they are using.

Coca Cola can be taken as the best example. If you will go through their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages, you will notice the consistency in their colour and design.

With visuals comes your voice. Your brand’s personality must be reflected in the posts you make. You must develop your social media voice, which is the way your brand communicates through the tweets, Facebook posts, etc. Be sure of the tone you are taking, for example, Coca Cola’s tone is more conversational rather than formal. Consider your target audience, your brand’s culture and authenticity before finalizing the brand’s voice.

3. Produce and Provide Valuable Content

This goes without saying that content is the major player in your communication. In order to create a strong brand reputation you must focus on creating useful content that your target audience would want to share further, rather than the usual uninteresting lines that doesn’t go farther than your common subjects.

Remember these principles while crafting your content for social sharing:

  • Each content produced by you must support your brand’s image. Humour is difficult to pull off but if at all your are using memes then make sure that they are used effectively. Memes can be powerful brand-building tool today as there are separate pages in Facebook and Twitter which are only into memes post. But in cases where you are not sure of the type of feedback you will receive with the meme strategy then resist the temptation to create memes. It can have harmful results also.
  • Understand which type of content will gain visibility on your social network. Good images will prove to be more effective. You won’t need more content with the images, one-liners would do too.
  • Never be afraid to use visual content. Articles that have images in it receives 94 percent more views. Twitter content with images will receive twice the number of views than expected, even though you must have noticed that there are seven times more text posts on twitter.

Remember, you must post regularly. Nothing will kill you branding strategy or effort more than irregular posting.

4. Connect with Influencers

Providing interesting, creative and killer content regularly is one of the important aspect but it is not the only aspect required for promotion. Content posted by Starbucks or Nike will get more engagement as they are established brands for decades. But if you are new then make sure that your voice doesn’t gets lost in the noise

One of the fastest and best ways to amplify your branding results is to leverage audiences existing influencers in your industry have already built. You have to build relationships with influencers. It will help you get the audience that is already established in your industry. The trust and respect is there among the audience, get cosigned or mentioned from them and you will see the results.

5. Engage, Encourage and Echo

Post regularly with facts, creative content, events. Conduct campaigns to encourage people to participate, make them a part of your brand. Reply to their comments, tweets and messages. Engage them, let them know that you are there to hear their queries and responses.

Get yourself a professional social media team that will handle all your social media networks and keep the audience engaged.

Once you successfully perform all the steps, your brand’s name will echo in the social media platform. You will be known, you will be preferred and you will be identified.

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