Show Your Logo Some Love This February

February is the month of love. It is the month where everybody tries hard to impress their better half and pamper them with flowers, chocolates and what not. This february, pamper and show some love to your logo.

Your logo is an integral part of making your brand a successful one. In order to attract your potential audience and retain your customers, your business needs a very strong logo which communicates effectively. If you are a new startup here are a few essential qualities of a great logo. If you an already established business, revamping your logo can bring a much-needed facelift to your brand. Here are a few tips to help you assess if it is time for a change.

What makes for a great logo?

  • ● Distinct Typography
  • ● Interesting use of colours to make it visually appealing and memorable
  • ● A representation of your business’s personality
  • ● A logo which fosters brand loyalty
Show your Logo

Keep it Simple. Do not overcomplicate it.

A logo should be easily recognisable so that the audience notices and remember the brand. Acomplicated logo fails to engage the audience as it is quite difficult to remember and they will have a hard time recognising you.

For example, Let’s say you are out for shopping clothes for your gym. You suddenly spot a comfortable track pants which looks great. You check the brand, and you are instantly ready to buy it because it is Nike. With Nike, you know you are in safe hands and it is worth every penny you spend. That is how a well-designed simple logo builds trust and brand loyalty. A minimalist design looks simple, sleek, easily identifiable, positive and timeless.

Consistency and versatility

Consumers crave consistency and your logo is the most important brand asset. Hence, while designing your logo design it for various uses. A logo will have to printed on your letterhead, brochures, banners, videos and even on your tee shirt. Some logos may look good on the web, but may not work out well for a brochure or banner. Craft a logo which looks good no matter if it is put on your website or a billboard. The logo crafted should be aesthetically pleasing as it should trigger a positive recall and make people instantly connect with your company.

Be distinct. Set yourself apart.

Dare to be different and unique. If you are a burger shop, there are 5 other shops selling burger in and around your locality. There is no point in looking just like your competitors. Most of the burger outlets opt for the obvious type of logo – juicy burger with a cola. McDonald’s could have opted for the same. But instead, they took the road less travelled. They designed a logo with the initial ‘M’ which looks simple, easily identifiable and still sets them apart from their competitors.

Over to you

Creating a logo is a vital part of your company’s marketing efforts. We Crazy Hippos, can help you create a unique, consistent and effective logo to represent your company’s personality. Let us show your logo some love with a new trendy design.

Looking for a mind blowing logo for your brand?

An effective logo is good-as-gold. It can do wonders for your brand! We are here just for that. To create amazing, awesome and awe-inspiring logo for your brand. We are Crazy Hippos, crazy about designs, crazy about marketing. What we guarantee? Professionally designed logo. Isn’t that what you want? Let’s have a discussion over a cup of creativity.

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